Saturday, June 6, 2009

Darren Gaudry and Commission Robot

Darren Gaudry and his team have put forth a system called Commission Robot, which is suppose to automate affiliate marketing with Clickbank and PPC. This is the second month I have been in the system and with about 300 clicks since I joined, I have not seen any sales yet. I understand that new programs may have bugs and also may require some time initally to work them out, but over a month and half now and no sales makes me suspicious. The second month, Darren was to implement a lead capture system to enhance the productivity of the system; however, this too has shown no results. Darren Gaudry nor the Robot Team is providing regular updates and support has just passed some of my questions along to the higher level staff, but I have not received any adequate response since I sent the email 15 days ago. CR is not a program I would recommend, not that you can join anyways, since doors to the program have long since been closed. However, if you are currently a member of Commission Robot and have decided to discontinue your membership, it may be possible for you to receive a refund.

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  1. Darren Gaudry is still pushing this scam. Most of the first wave of suckers have since closed their accounts. Gaudry won't give up until he's stopped.

  2. How can I get my money back??? I did not have sales for 2 month as well and they refused to pay back any money.

  3. Speak to SWREG. For more info, visit scam forum for the topic of Commission Robot.

    If you haven't gotten your money back from clickbank for the guaranteed position, you might still be able to. Contact clickbank about that for your $97.


    There are 1270+ posts there re: the scamster Darren Gaudry & Comm.Robot.

    You can & will get your money back if you follow a few of the posts.

    Go to Post Numbers,

    # 348-411-425-444-522
    these will help you.

    Good Luck!

    We have been able to get over 60 people their money back - all of it - every dime!

    ScammedAgain? (yes I am still with the living)

  5. Direct everyone to this site:

    and read the above post and you will get your money back!

  6. It is quite obvious that none of you have any personal knowledge of Darren Gaudry at all...which if fine as you probably have no way of getting that. However it would pay you if you kept your completely uninformed accusations to yourself in the absence of knowing the facts. In fact I too was in Commission Robot myself & I too lost money with it. However I personally met Darren quite a few months before CR was launched. Because I personally knew he was an honest & honourable person I decided to join CR. didn't work...but I know for certain that Darren honestly believed that it would & he genuinely saw it as a way he could help people make money online & contribute to changes in many peoples financial lives. Darren didn't develop CR, he didn't own it, but he had some sort of agreement with the owners of it to promote it & he become the "public face" of CR. When it wasn't working I also saw the anguish, heartache & devastation he went through as well as the sleepless nights. So the pathetic totally uninformed comments you make I find obscenely offensive. God knows how Darren must feel. Believe me...I know Darren's heart...& you couldn't be more wrong. I have had coffee with him, tripped away with him, been in his home, been on his new home building site with him...he lives about 15 mins. drive from me. He is helping me with a current project to make money. I know his heart from my own experience & personal observation. So all of you on this yourselves a favour...stop making such complete fools of yourselves by pretending you know what you are talking about when you don't know even one single fact. Oh...& by the way...Darren didn't make a cent out of actually cost him 6 figures.

  7. Are you Darren's wife Katie?
    You sure sound like her!

    Darren fought everyone 'tooth and nail' to not give us a refund for the total failure of
    Commission Robot. Darren tried to totally refuse giving any refunds even though the
    vast majority didn’t even make 1 sale, even though many of us had 500-700 ‘clicks/hops’
    yet not one sale/commission.

    If he was such a decent person he would have gladly stated the problems with the program
    and immediately offer refunds! Instead he chose to berate us with inane video updates.

    We were sold a ‘bill of damaged goods’ and were manipulated though misleading
    testimonial videos.

    It only cost him 6 figures because some of us banded together and fought diligently to
    get our monies back. We were able to get over 60+ people complete refunds. So don’t
    come on here to ‘glorify’ Darren Gaudry just because he has a new program coming out
    where he wants to “glam onto” new money from ‘fools unaware’ (those who will foolishly
    lose all their money to this fool – oops, I mean very conniving thief)!

    Just go here and see why there are over 1270 posts re: Darren Gaudry and
    his scam!


  8. You may have compassion for this man because he is helping you out on a current project.

    These are not accusations these are FACTS!

    Jeez if he had turned around and said hey guys I screwed up and here is your refund, ex members would not be dragging him through the mud. (We would of thought here is a honest and decent guy)
    But he chose to carry on with his BS videos and con us in to believing that he was ironing out the creases. He didn't say hey we have put a stop on taking payments until this problem is sorted out. He just kept deducting payments from our credit cards until we said no more!
    He has no integrity, and the only reason he is having sleepless nights, is not because he feels bad about commission robot, But because we are actually out there trying to stop him, and his name as a scamster is becoming well known.
    How you can say the comments are uninformed is beyond me. We are commenting first hand.

    Oh & By the way..... If Darren Gaudry was only promoting Commission Robot then how did he lose 6 figures??
    Maybe it was the sum of $1,234,56

    You are entitled to your opinion, as we are ours and considering you are only one voice at this point in time.
    I would then say the members on are more than informed.

    Maybe Darren Gaudry should stop hiding behind people like yourself and come forward and try and clear his name.
    But he wont because he knows what he done was wrong!

  9. To avoid being scammed by the likes of Darren Gaudry read about the 5 red flags

    go to and

  10. Darren Gaudry deserves everything he gets and if that includes him rotting in hell, so be it.

  11. Commission Robot "FAILURE" - Public Apology By Darren Gaudry -

  12. Will there be a comeback?